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Explore My Fragrance Collection

Happy National Fragrance Day! Fragrance is something that I pride myself on having knowledge of, and it honestly took a long time for me to develop the nose I have for it. Fun fact: when I first started at my current job, they put me in the fragrance department where I had absolutely no clue […]

Winter Favorites 2021

Merry Christmas Eve! I feel like the day before Christmas is the perfect time to explore all of great things that I’ve discovered this Winter (also can we please just appreciate that this winter I’ve actually been able to wear sweaters in Texas and not roast alive). I feel like this holiday season has been […]

Morning Skin Routine

Sorry for the three week hiatus, between the Thanksgiving holiday, working Black Friday, and finishing my university career, things have been crazy, but I’m back! So I’ve covered in a previous post all about my night skin routine (if you haven’t checked that out, I’ll link it here), but my morning routine is a little […]

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