Fall Favorites 2021

As a professed basic white girl, I can honestly say that there is no time of year I love more than fall. I honestly enjoy pumpkin spice flavored anything, football games, and being able to walk outside my house without completely roasting. There’s just something about this time of year, no matter how briefly it is that I enjoy. My love of fall-themed products is no different. Every year it seems that the market is filled with more and more limited editions of a wide range of products from food to home and beauty, and while some have managed to wrangle their way into becoming permanent editions, others are here for but a brief second before being gone forever. So here are just a few of my favorite products this fall season.

  1. Trader Joe’s Maple Cookies
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So these are a delicacy that technically can be found all year long (and that I do enjoy them ALL year round), but there’s just something about enjoying maple cookies while having a pumpkin spice hot chocolate and being cuddled on the couch in front of spooky movies that is just a complete vibe and I am here for it.

2. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Oatmilk&Almondmilk Creamer

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Just to establish again that I am a basic b-word, once the middle of August hits I am basically exclusively drinking pumpkin flavored coffee beverages. However, a recent issue that I have discovered is that dairy and I no longer are on the best terms, which is why stumbling across this in the grocery store is one of the best finds of the year. It’s amazing, and if you didn’t know that it was nondairy, you wouldn’t be able to taste the difference.

3. Purlisse Pumpkin+Ginger Detoxifying Charcoal Mask

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Living in the South, as much as I wish the first day of Fall meant crisp leaves and chilly mornings, unfortunately we are still the lower 90s most days which means I am a sweaty mess and clogged pores under my mask (like the pandemic kind) most days. This mask cleans all of that gunk out and it smells amazing. Pumpkin enzymes are amazing for resurfacing the skin (getting rid of all of those dead skin cells, ew), while ginger is proven to detoxify and improve skin texture. It doesn’t hurt at all that this mask smells exactly like a yummy pumpkin snack!

4. KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira

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On principal alone, 90% of the year I am a nude lipstick queen and I don’t stray from that path. When the air starts to crisp up, there’s just something about a dark red/maroonish lip that does something to me. Now KVD has always had one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas that I’ve finally been able to go back to since a certain problematic is no longer a part of the company (but that’s a whole other topic), so the color Ludwig is my go-to nude for most of the year. Vampira just fits this time of year perfectly: 1) the name is *chef’s kiss*, and 2) the color almost perfectly matches my school’s color which is great for football season. There’s something to be said about a color the can go from fun days to spooky nights.

5. Target’s Opalhouse Harvest Brunch candle

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Like most who proudly call themselves basic, fall use to mean flocking to Bath and Body Works and spending $100+ only to walk out the door with like five candles. But with age comes wisdom and the realization that Target has candles that smell just as good that cost literally half the price. Among your typical pumpkin and maple scents, there was just something about it that set it apart for me. Like there’s definitely still pumpkin in it, but also I smell fruity pebbles? I’m not sure, all I know is that this candle smells good.

Thank you so much for checking in to this week’s blog post, and I hope you enjoyed! If you want to try anything, I linked everything that I could. If you want to give my a follow to keep up with my day to day, all of my socials are linked in the menu. Until next Friday, I hope you have a great week.

Life Update!

So it’s been a while……to put it mildly. To say my life has been a mess of organized mass chaos lately is putting it mildly. To break it down, there’s been vacation time, job promotion (whoop whoop), and my boyfriend and I moving into our own place (so finally no other roommates), as well as my final semester of school starting. So like I said, mass chaos. But, in good news, I’m back and I have many, many new ideas of things to explore.

Like many a basic white girl, to say I’m obsessed with fall is putting it mildly. Do I already have my halloween decorations up in September? Yes (but only on the inside, the boyfriend is making me hold off on the lights and cobwebs on the outside till October 1st). Do I have a stockpile of the Pillsbury spooky cookies? Yes (in my defense, those things are a hot commodity in my town , so if I want to enjoy any for the next month, I need to grab them while I see them). Am I unable to go about my day without a pumpkin spice beverage? Unfortunately, also yes (on a side note: has anyone else tried Starbuck’s new oat milk PSL creamer? It gives me life). With a new season, comes new launches, and already the sneak peeks are giving me life. To highlight just a few of the things I’m excited about:

  1. Chloe is coming out with a perfume that is 100% natural origin fragrance.
  2. Urban Decay’s new light/metallic, 100% vegan Cyber palette
  3. The possible return of Colourpop’s Hocus Pocus collection (yes, you heard that right)
  4. Drunk Elephant coming to Ulta

Honestly, I could go on and on about all of the exciting things that I’m looking forward to, but that list would probably be 20 pages long and no one has time to read that. So just make sure you stick around, I promise I won’t disappear again. My socials are linked in the icons if you want to give them a follow, and I’ll see you next Friday!