Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

Even though we are only in our first week of November, it seems like already the holidays are upon us. A quick stroll through the aisles of Target will tell you that as the lights, wreathes, and ornaments have been up since mid-October. As probably many a basic girl will say, there’s just something about Christmas time that is absolutely magical. However, one of the biggest struggles I have during this season (besides dealing with unagreeable family members) is figuring out what to get everyone in my life. There’s just so many options out there nowadays, that it can be difficult to decide what to pick. So here are a few options for those in your life (with a few of my own longings thrown in) that might be a bit more challenging.

For the Book Nerd: Minalima’s Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This illustrated edition is a great option for any Potterheads you many have in your life as well as those who love special edition books in general. If you didn’t know, Minalima are the duo behind all of the amazing graphic design you see in the Harry Potter films. Like I’m talking every book cover, sign or poster in the movies, they’re the ones who did it. I got the Sorcerer’s Stone edition last year for Christmas, so when I found out that they were releasing book two this Christmas, no joke, I may have let out a scream. Needless to say, this book already has a reserved place on my bookshelf, and will be what I read to my future children at bedtime.

For the Hair Obsessed: Dyson Airwrap

If any of you have ever gotten to play with any Dyson product, you know they are next level and the hair tools are no exception. The airwrap is the one to go for if you’re ready for the commitment (not gonna lie, they are quite the investment piece), but with all the attachments, you’d never need another hair tool again in your life. Also, this Christmas they’ve released a limited edition blue and copper one that’s just *chef’s kiss*.

For the Skin Guru: Limited Edition Skin Sets

We all know that person in our life who could go on for hours and hours about skincare. Their routine has about fifteen steps, and you can bet that they’d never dare go outside without sunscreen (I have a friend who’s so obsessed with SPF she keeps a bottle in her work bag for second application before she goes home for the day). Helping them restock their skincare cabinets is basically their love language, and one of the best things about the holiday season is the variety of sets out there. Whether it be time tested staples (like Fresh’s shower gel and lotion duo) or limited editions of your year-round favorites (Tula’s So Polished is available this season in scents like gingerbread, sugar plum or delicious peppermint chocolate).

For the Conscious Makeup Lover: Tarte Holiday or Urban Decay Cyber Collection

Let me tell you, every year it seems like more and more brands are stepping up their game when it comes to their holiday collections, but personally I feel like Tarte and Urban are the creme de la creme. Tarte of course has always been vegan and cruelty free, but now that Urban Decay’s started creating more and more vegan products, I feel like that these are great options for the clean beauty lovers. The newest holiday collection features both the Cyber palette (think duo chrome and pastels) as wells as the new Naked 3 mini in a set with the perversion eyeliner along with an all nighter spray duo. Tarte every year releases a flood of great value sets like their shape tape sets and palette vaults, along with a few limited edition items (this year there’s a coffee themed palette and I feel like it’s calling my name.)

So while this list is definitely not entirely finished (as in there are probably hundreds more options to offer up), there is always the hope that perhaps this list has given you some ideas about what to get your loved ones this season (or maybe a few ideas about what to ask for yourself). I think the most important thing to remember is that it’s the thought that goes into the gift that matters, not the amount of money you spend. Make sure to subscribe if you want get notified when I post, and my socials are linked if you want to stay up to date on my day to day life. Till next time!

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