My Everyday Makeup Routine

Due to the fact that this pandemic life never seems to end (thanks, delta) after three months of freedom, unfortunately I’m back to wearing a mask at work which to say my skin is angry about is putting it mildly. The current key to my makeup routine is light, natural, and not going to clog my pores. What I love about it is that this look takes me 15 minutes to do and my skin still looks like skin.

  1. Complexion

Starting off is of course the base. Nice and light, but still giving some coverage so you can’t see my rosacea peeking through after 7 1/2-8 hours of wearing a mask so if I need to go run an errand after work or go to dinner, I still feel put together. My current go-to concoction is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted gel cream with Bare’s original loose mineral foundation on top, and I pair that with Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer. Starting with the gel, I actually use that as a primer before going in with the concealer (just the tiniest bit to brighten up my undereyes), since I don’t want to put the cream on top of the powder since I don’t feel like it sits quite right. I actually use my hands/fingers to blend them in since I like how that warms up the product on the skin. With the loose foundation, I dump a little into the lid before taking a brush and swirling it first in the lid before swirling it on the skin and really working it in. The real secret to giving this foundation that good creamy finish rather than a powdery look is just taking the time to really let it warm up on the skin, so just keep swirling it with that brush.

2. Eyes

Since there’s a mask covering the bottom portion of my face, the eyes are even more of a focal point, so I love giving them that extra little bang, but they’re still super easy. I start with the Smashbox Always On cream shadow in Rose which I take with a flat packer brush and apply all over the lid, I then take the PYT Day-to-Night Palette and combine the second lightest with the lightest matte shades to blend out that edge (they unfortunately don’t make this palette anymore, however their new Rowdy Rose Nudes palette has some similar shades). For the lid, I love Urban Decay’s Moondust Shadow in Space Cowboy which I will apply with a smaller packer brush or my finger. To finish up, I do a nice thin liner with the liquid side of Tarte’s Double Take liner, a coat of of KVD’s Go Big or Go Home mascara, and run a bit of Benefit’s Gimme Brow through my brows. Occasionally if I want a bit more drama, I’ll tightline my eyes with the pencil side of that liner before taking taking the darkest matte shade from that palette to smoke it out.

3. Finishing Touches

Even with a mask on you can still see my cheekbones, so I love highlighting them with Rituel de Fille’s Rare Light Luminizer in the shade Anthelion. A little bronzer certainly never hurt anyone so I use Han Skincare Cosmetic’s in the shade Malibu on my forehead, with a touch in the hollows of my cheeks and my jawline just incase I take off the mask. As a final touch, I set everything with PYT’s new One & Done Setting Spray, which not only sets my face beautifully, it also offers blue light protection. I do normally add a lip balm since I do get such dry lips under that mask, and it’s normally a lip treatment from Fresh in either Mint or Rose.

And that is my super light, super natural, mask-approved makeup look. It honestly isn’t much, but it still helps me feel confident even with half of my face covered AND covers the occasional spot of maskcne for when I get to reveal my face. I’ve linked everything I used, so if you want to check out the products for yourself. All of my socials are linked if you want to give me a follow to keep up with my day-to-day. I hope you enjoyed and see you next Friday!

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