Blonde Hair: Honestly, It’s not as easy as you think

So from the very name of this blog, you can guess my hair color. The thing is though: I’m not a natural blonde. My hair naturally is probably a level 3 or 4 (aka like extremely dark brunette, almost black) and currently I’m a level 12 (platinum). Don’t get me wrong here, I loved my natural hair color, but my white hair has become my calling card in the three years I’ve had it. It tends to be the physical attribute people remember most, the telltale sign my friends look for in a crowd to locate me, and I appreciate that. Getting to this level of blonde wasn’t easy though, and keeping it this way isn’t always a joyride either. So here’s some things to know before going platinum.

1. It’s a Commitment That Takes Time and Money

We’ve all seen the memes or Tik Toks from stylists about clients who walk in with black box dye on their heads that want to be icy white in three hours for under $100, yet there are people that actually expect that. The truth of the matter is that if you want to be this blonde and still have hair on your head, it’s going to take time and it’s going to cost you. When I first started, I would do four hour sessions (since that’s what I could fit in between school and work) that started off as a balayage and we were able to slowly work it up to my roots while keeping most of my length. And since I had thrown box color on my hair, I knew it wouldn’t be a smooth transition, and I literally was probably every color of brassiness imaginable starting off, and in five months we managed to get me to the blonde I wanted. Now that I am, I’m literally back in the chair every six weeks to get my roots down, which is literally about three and a half hours. But more than just the actual coloring itself, you need to also think about hair treatments (deep conditioning, bond repairing, keratin) all of the specialty products you will need to use, these all add up real quick. Can you skip out on them? Sure, but your hair will also look and feel like straw with short bits sticking up everywhere.

2. There’s a lot more to upkeep than just purple shampoo

Most people assume once you go blonde, the only thing you need to stay blonde is purple shampoo, when it couldn’t be more opposite. I wish I was kidding when I say that there are four different shampoo-conditioner combos that I rotate through on the regular. Not only do I use purple shampoo, I also have purple conditioner, a purple toning mask, and leave in purple toning foam (for when I get near desperate towards the end of my hair cycle and there’s literally no toner left but I don’t want brass). However, also because of how damaging the bleaching process is to hair, I also have bleach repairing shampoo, intensive moisture masks, bond repairing treatments for both in the shower and that I leave in. Because I try to make my toner stretch as much as it possibly can, I only wash my hair about once a week, so I am a dry shampoo queen when it comes to that. So there’s a lot more that goes into taking proper care of your blonde shampoo than just running down and grabbing a $4 bottle of shampoo.

3. There’s always a risk

I would say that my hair is pretty healthy considering how many times I’ve bleached it, and a big part of that is the amount of care both my stylist and I put into it, but that wasn’t always the case. At the beginning of my hair journey, I didn’t really know much about keeping hair healthy, and my original stylist didn’t really help me. I suffered from a lot (and I mean a lot) of breakage, to the point that almost the entire bottom layer of my hair ended at the tops of my shoulders. My roots were always underdeveloped, and there was a couple of times I left the salon with dried bleach still in the back of my head. I’m not writing this to shame that stylist, she was fresh out of school when I first started going to her, and in the year I was with her, I saw definite growth in her style of doing hair, just my hair couldn’t have survived much longer there. I knew there was a risk when I first contacted her though and accepted it, and when we were no longer a good fit, my needs had changed and so I moved on. My current stylist has been doing my hair for a year and absolutely kills it, but we also have the relationship that I know if she tells me we need to do something about my hair, I do it because I know it’s in my best interest.

Now, I’m not making this post to tell you to not go blonde. Like I said in the beginning, I love being blonde, and have no future plans to stop anytime soon. What I am saying, is that there is A LOT more than most people think, and if you mess up, it’s something that takes a long time to fix and is going to cost a lot. So maybe instead of looking up tutorials and heading on down to the beauty supply store, put down your body of 40 volume and leave this to the professionals. Thank you so much for tuning in for this post, and I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. All of my socials are linked if you want to give me a follow, and check in next week to see what’s new.

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