I Started a Blog!

So first post ever, this is exciting! Starting a blog is something that I’ve danced around for a while, and after multiple people telling me that I should have one, I guess I’ve finally made the jump. This is a place where I can share all of the exciting things that I’ve learned from working from within the beauty industry, whether it’s launches to be excited for, products that I cannot live without, or tricks I’ve learned to get the best results. Will there also be a slight chance of some other content here and there like lifestyle, cooking and maybe even the occasional book suggestion? Oh most definitely, the good Lord knows I like mixing things up. Now if you’re reading this first post, then there’s a good chance that you know me, but even so, here’s six things you should know about me.

  1. I’m currently a senior at Texas A&M University, where I am majoring in marketing, with a focus in brand development.
  2. I am also currently a beauty consultant for a certain high-end brand at a certain beauty retailer (specific I know, lol), and have been working in the beauty industry for almost four years.
  3. I’m a Gemini, and unfortunately, I do fit a lot of the stereotypes, so take that as you will. I’m also an enneagram type 3. Not really sure what that means, but one of my best friends is obsessed with them so I took a test, and honestly the achiever sounds about right.
  4. I have the sweetest, most spoiled Jack Russel mix named Coco (sometimes referred to as Coconut when she’s being hardheaded), who is currently four months old.
  5. I have serious caffeine addiction. Like, we’re talking four cups. Minimum. Everyday. There is literally always a cup of coffee attached to my hand, hence the blog name.
  6. Against everything I said back in high school, in my second year of college I discovered a love of tattoos (much to my mother’s disappointment). I’m currently at seven, with plans for many more in the future.

Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to everything the future may hold. All of my socials are linked so make sure you’re following me if you’re not already. There will be a new post up every Friday, so make sure to stay tuned!

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